Teaching in the AIMS group

Teaching in the AIMS group happens regularly at Duke University and at co-organized schools and events elsewhere.

Future, present, and past events regularly taught include:

  • Structure and Properties of Solids (ME221L), an introduction to Materials Science for undergraduates, including classes and laboratory sections. Taught in Fall.
  • Computational Materials Science, a graduate-level class that introduces the theoretical foundations and current practice of materials simulations. The class covers molecular dynamics, empirical (force-field based) approaches, as well as quantum-mechanical approaches up to density functional theory. Hands-on computational exercises are an essential component of the class. The class is open to graduate students in engineering and in the sciences at Duke, and motivated advanced undergraduate students will be considered as well. With the new Duke University Program in Materials Science (2018 and later), some basic knowledge on quantum mechanics will be required, in accordance with the program curriculum. Taught in Spring.
  • Materials Science and Engineering Seminar Course, taught since Fall 2018 as part of the Duke University Program in Materials Science and Engineering. Taught in Spring by Volker, alternating with Gaurav Arya (Fall semesters).
  • Hands-on schools on Electronic Structure Theory; two-week workshops for approximately 80 early-stage researchers in various locations around the world, co-organized by our group. Past events in Berlin (2009, 2011, 2015, 2017), Trieste (2013), Los Angeles (2014), Beijing (2018) and in Barcelona (2019). Another one in Berlin is planned in 2024.
  • Two-day training course on simulation techniques in materials science, co-organized with Yosuke Kanai (UNC) in the context of the NSF-DMREF funded project HybriD3. Held in September 2018 (Duke University) and in January 2021 (online).