AIMS Group Members

Head of Group

 Volker Blum  

Dr. Volker Blum
Associate Professor

Department of Mechanical Engineering and Materials Science
Postal: 144 Hudson Hall, Box 90300
Duke University ∙ Durham, NC 27708 ∙ USA
E-mail volker.blum <at>

Biographical Information

Google Scholar: Volker Blum

Full List of Publications

Research Scientist

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           Dr. Yi Yao


Postdoctoral Associates

Rayan Chakraborty

           Dr. Rayan Chakraborty


Ph.D. Students




Ruyi Song




Xixi Qin


Tianlin Wang


Gabrielle Koknat



Master Students

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Alexandra Rivera

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Yuxin Lin

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Lee Hampton



Undergraduate researchers

(Picture coming soon)  Becca Lau


Collaborating Students

Jamel White

 Jamel White
with Prof. Hemali Rathnayake
University of North Carolina at Greensboro


 Former Group Members:

Xiaochen Xiaochen Du  

Undergraduate, Duke Chemistry

Kailai (Tommy) Lin Kailai (Tommy) Lin  

Undergraduate, Duke Chemistry

Wenzhe Yu Dr. Wen-zhe Yu  


Svenja Janke Dr. Svenja Janke  

Postdoctoral Associate and DFG Fellow

Rundong Zhao Dr. Rundong Zhao  

Postdoctoral Associate

Fan Zhang Fan Zhang  

Master Student, Materials Science and Engineering

Raul Dr. Raul Laasner  

Postdoctoral Associate

Tong Zhu Tong Zhu  


Garnett Liu Garnett Liu  


Thumb Dr. William Paul Huhn Dr. William P. Huhn  

Postdoctoral Associate

Qing Tu

 Qing Tu  

Collaborating student, with Prof. Stefan Zauscher

Kevin Mo

Kevin Mo  


Wolfgang Seiya

Wolfgang Seiya  


Nicole Boone

 Nicole Boone  

Undergraduate with Prof. Darlene Taylor, Department of Chemistry, NCCU

Tiago Botari Tiago Botari  

Visiting Ph.D. student,

UNICAMP, Campinas,
Sao Paolo, Brazil

October 2014 - September 2015

Mark Glass   Mark Glass, M.Sc.  

Associate in Research,

Jan-Jul 2014

 Thumb Jan Kloppenburg  Jan Kloppenburg, Dipl.-Phys  

Visiting Ph.D. student,

November 2013 - August 2015

Dr. Björn Lange

Dr. Björn Lange  

Postdoctoral Associate,

September 2013 - February 2016


Visitors to the Group

Simone Köcher (FZ Jülich)   August 15 - September 30, 2016
Georg Michelitsch (TU Munich)   March 21 - April 16, 2016
Suzanne Wallace (University of Bath / Imperial College London)   March 21 - April 01, 2016; September 15, 2016-November 30, 2016
Reinhard Maurer (Yale University)   September 13 - September 18, 2015
Andrew Logsdail (University College London)   January 4 - January 15, 2015; June 8 - June 19, 2015; January 4 - January 14, 2016
Joao Marcelo Lopes (Paul Drude Institute, Berlin)   September 13 - September 16, 2014
Noa Marom (Tulane University)   Jan. 06 - Jan. 08, 2014
Ville Havu (Aalto University)   Nov. 14 - Nov. 22, 2013
Markus Sinstein (TU Munich)   Oct. 29 - Nov. 07, 2013; March 21 - April 16, 2016
Sergey Levchenko (FHI Berlin)   Oct. 28 - Nov. 05, 2013